How To Iron On Patches On Jeans?

How To Iron On Patches On Jeans

Jeans are timeless fashion classics, durable and full of character. But over time, they may wear out and need repairs or you might want to add a special touch. Iron-on patches are a great solution – they can repair damage discreetly while also showcasing your personality. With our guidance, you can breathe new life into your jeans and express your individuality, step by step!

Step 1: Create Your Own Iron On Patches

In this step, we’ll focus on transforming a sew-on embroidered patch into one with an iron-on backing. If you prefer to purchase ready-made iron-on patches, click here for options. Alternatively, if you want to customize iron-on patches, click here to explore your options. If have iron on denim patches in hand already, please skip this step and come into the next step directly.

Thanks to materials like flock vinyl, it’s easier to be more creative in transforming embroidered patches for jeans into iron-on patches for jeans. 

  • Apply liquid flock vinyl evenly onto the back of the embroidered patch
  • Wait for the surface to dry
  • Ready!

Step 2: Set Up Your Work Space and Ironing Board

Please remember that iron-on patches must be applied to your material at the appropriate time and heat setting required. For example, a cotton fabric iron-on patch needs the highest heat setting.

Lay the fabric that you wish to iron onto the ironing board. If ironing onto jeans, insert a pressing cloth inside the pant leg to prevent the fusible web on the back of the patch from connecting with the back of the pants. A cotton pillowcase or damp towel will work well as a pressing cloth.

It’s also worth adding a pressing cloth to avoid the same issue when working with other clothing items.

Step 3: Apply The Heat

Before applying the iron directly onto the patch, make sure your jeans or other clothing items are free of wrinkles or creases. You want to ensure the patch is in the perfect position, so you can measure with a measuring tape beforehand and then double-check before applying heat.

Before adding the heat, ensure you have placed a thin cloth over the iron-on patch to protect the fabric from the heat.

Then, press the hot iron onto the patch while keeping the instructed pressing time in mind. Most patches require pressing for about 30 seconds, but always check your individual patch’s instructions. Once completed and attached to your clothes, it’s time to remove the iron.

Step 4: Heat the Back of the Patch

For patches and appliqués, turn your jeans inside out and then heat where the reserve of the patch and appliqué is. Apply the heat of the iron for approximately 30 seconds until completely set. If using patches and appliqués to cover tears, it’s likely that inside-out, you’ll still see these on the jeans. However, once turned the right way out again, you’ll only see the patches and appliqués.

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