How to Display Patches 2023

How to Display Patches 2023

Custom patches go beyond simple fabric designs; they represent unique expressions of personal style, affiliations, and achievements. Displaying patches turns these emblems into tangible narratives, reflecting individual journeys and passions. Whether commemorating events, expressing identity, or celebrating achievements, how you display patches can significantly enhance their impact.

In this guide, we’ll explore 10 popular ways in 2023 to creatively showcase patches, offering visually appealing approaches. From classic to trendy displays, discover inspiration to bring your patch collection to life.

Let’s delve into the exciting world of patch display ideas!


1. Making A Patched Mask

how to display patches

In the context of the pandemic, where mask-wearing has become a daily norm, individuals have sought ways to add a touch of individuality to this essential item. By introducing patches onto masks, people not only enhance the visual appeal of their protective gear but also use it as a form of self-expression. Whether it’s a favorite emblem, a symbol of resilience, or a nod to personal interests, patches on masks provide a unique platform for showcasing one’s personality.

2. Put Patches on to Cloth Book

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A cloth book is one of the most unique ways to display patches when you want your patches well-organized and want to look at them often.

If you have some good DIY experience, you can choose to sew the embroidery patches onto a cloth book. This ensures that these patches are permanently fixed to the cloth book. If you lack sewing skills, you can also opt to use an iron to attach custom iron-on patches onto the cloth book.

3.Creating Patch Fridge Magnets

Attaching patches to the fridge using magnets transforms it into a unique showcase of personal style. This creative display not only adds flair to your home environment but also turns the refrigerator into a focal point for expressing your interests, preferences, and collections. Each patch becomes a small piece of art, and by arranging them on the fridge, you can craft a visually engaging display that reflects your personality.

There are two hot ways to attach the magnet to your patches: using self-adhesive tape or a hot glue gun. Below are the methods:

Using Double-sided Tape:

To attach patches to magnets using double-sided tape, follow these steps:

  • Gather Materials: Magnetic adhesive sheets or magnetic strips, patches, double-sided tape.
  • Clean Patch Surface: Ensure the patch surface is clean, free of dust or oil stains to facilitate strong adhesion.
  • Cut Double-sided Tape: Trim the double-sided tape to fit the size of the patch’s back.
  • Apply Double-sided Tape: Affix the cut double-sided tape onto the back of the patch, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Press and Secure: Gently press the patch, ensuring proper adhesion of the double-sided tape. Simultaneously, use a flat tool, such as a card, to ensure even attachment.

Using Hot Glue Gun:

  • Gather Materials: Magnetic adhesive sheets or magnetic strips, patches, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks.
  • Clean Patch Surface: Similar to using double-sided tape, ensure the patch surface is clean.
  • Insert Glue Stick: Insert a hot glue stick into the hot glue gun and wait for it to melt completely.
  • Apply Hot Glue: Spread a layer of hot glue on the back of the patch, ensuring an even application without excess.
  • Quickly Attach: Immediately press the magnetic adhesive sheet or magnetic strip onto the freshly applied hot glue, ensuring a swift attachment before the glue sets.
  • Wait for Cooling: Allow the hot glue to cool for a moment, ensuring a strong connection between the patch and the magnetic material.

4. Making Patched Hats and Caps

Some people think hats or caps are the best place for patches.

Placing patches on hats is not only a fashion trend but also a unique way to express individuality. It transforms ordinary hats into distinctive pieces, highlighting your unique taste, preferences, or passion for specific things. As an integral part of everyday attire, hats become easily customizable with patches, making them one-of-a-kind and adding an element of fun to the overall look.

Possible Positions for Placing Patches on Hats:

  • On the Brim: Adds unique decoration, eye-catching yet simple.
  • Frontal Area: Personal logos or designs can become a focal point.
  • On the Side: Creates symmetrical or asymmetrical designs, showcasing personality.
  • Back: Injects character for a distinctive rear view, completing the overall look.
  • Mesh Panels: Adding patches to mesh areas provides ventilation while maintaining a stylish appearance.


5. Sewing or Ironing Patches onto Clothing

Clothes are the most traditional things where to put patches on.

Custom patches in different styles can bring various personalities and features to clothing, whether you are pursuing a classic, vintage, or modern look. In addition to using patches individually, some fashion enthusiasts also cover the surface of their clothes with numerous patches, presenting your unique personal characteristics.

6. Put Patches on Tote Bags/Backpacks

A tote bag and a backpack are ideal places to showcase patches for several reasons.

Firstly, tote bags and backpacks are essential accessories in daily life, often used to carry personal belongings. By placing patches on a tote bag or backpack, it transforms these necessities into personalized display spaces, adding interest and uniqueness to the overall look.

Secondly, the surfaces of tote bags and backpacks typically provide ample space to accommodate patches of various sizes and designs, allowing for diverse and visually appealing arrangements.

Most importantly, tote bags and backpacks serve as mobile canvases, showcasing your interests, preferences, or unique style wherever you go. Placing patches on a tote bag or backpack allows you to personalize these commonly used accessories, making them your distinct fashion statements.

7.Personalizing Home Decorations

Applying embroidered patches as home decorations, from throw pillows to quilts, adds a personalized touch to the home environment. Placing patches on these elements injects a unique and individualized aesthetic into the living space. Each patch serves as a small piece of art, bringing vibrant patterns and colors to the furniture, breaking monotony, and creating a pleasant atmosphere. This form of decoration not only highlights personal taste but also introduces a cozy visual appeal to the living space, transforming the home into a personalized artistic haven.

*Creating Patched Throw Pillows

national park patches display

Placing patches on throw pillows is not just a form of decoration but a delightful way to express individuality and create a warm home atmosphere.

Firstly, throw pillows are common soft furnishings in home decor, and adding patches to their surfaces injects personality and a unique style into the entire space. This not only enhances the artistic appeal of the pillows but also adds depth to the overall ambiance of the room.

Secondly, patches can be changed based on individual interests, preferences, or seasons, providing a source of variation and novelty to the living space.

Additionally, patches on throw pillows offer a simple and creative DIY opportunity, allowing every family member to participate in the home decor process and fostering bonds within the family.

*Creating A Unique Quilted Wall Hanging

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Artfully sewing Boy Scout patches onto a quilt and displaying it on the wall is a unique and meaningful presentation method. This approach not only showcases the achievements and honors of the Boy Scouts but also creates a warm and inspiring environment.

The benefits of this decorating method lie in the fact that:

Firstly, by incorporating the patches into the design of the quilt, it not only highlights individual accomplishments but also infuses the quilt with stories and memories, making it a more meaningful home element.

Secondly, a quilt hung on the wall serves not only as a distinctive decoration but also as a captivating conversation piece that can attract the attention of guests and spark interest in Boy Scout activities.

Most importantly, this display method adds a touch of warm individuality to the home environment while encouraging and inspiring family members to pursue goals and participate in meaningful activities.

* Displaying Patches On Banners

police patch display ideas

How to create a patched banner?

Creating a personalized banner adorned with patches is a creative approach to showcasing your collection. Begin with a plain fabric or felt banner as your canvas. Select patches that resonate with the themes, activities, or groups you wish to commemorate. Arrange and affix these patches onto the banner through sewing or ironing, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing display. This method allows you to curate a collection that reflects your unique experiences and interests, resulting in banners that are distinctly yours.


* Custom Patched Quilt and Blanket

Blankets and quilts are wonderfully comforting additions to home decor, and by artfully incorporating patches, you can elevate them into unique expressions of personality. Choose patches that resonate with your favorite themes or memories, such as family activities, travel experiences, or patterns from beloved movies or books. Sewing or ironing these patches onto blankets or quilts not only injects them with a personalized touch but also infuses warmth and coziness into the home environment.

In the chilly winter months, wrapping yourself in a blanket adorned with patches feels like immersing yourself in your own cozy world. This decorating approach transforms these home essentials from mere warmth providers into carriers of personal memories. Each patch becomes a marker of a story, making these warm home items feel more intimate and emotionally resonant. Displaying such blankets or quilts on the living room sofa or bed in the bedroom not only introduces a unique decorative element to the space but also creates a distinctly cozy corner for the inhabitants.

8. Framing Your Patches

patch collection-patch shadow box

“Framing Your Patches” means framing or placing your patches in a frame to showcase, protect, or emphasize them. This practice is often used to treat patches as works of art or memorabilia, presenting them in a more artistic manner. This can involve placing patches in specially designed frames to turn them into decorative pieces or putting them in photo frames to both protect and highlight their uniqueness. It is a common method employed to display personal achievements, commemorate events, or symbolize specific meanings.

DIY Framing Tips:

  • Choosing the Right Frame: Select a frame or photo frame that suits the size of your patches. This ensures that there is enough space within the frame to display the patches adequately.
  • Careful Arrangement: Thoughtfully arrange the patches within the frame, considering the spacing and interconnection between them. You can arrange them based on themes, colors, or a chronological timeline.
  • Securing the Patches: Use transparent tape or double-sided tape to secure the patches inside the frame. Ensure they are firmly attached to the backing of the frame to prevent any movement or detachment.
  • Protective Encapsulation: If the patches hold special value or require additional protection, consider using a transparent frame or adding a transparent protective film before framing.

9. Making A Patched Photo Album

By adding patches to your album, you not only bring your photo stories to life but also infuse personality and memories into each unique moment. Choose patches related to the photos(we suggest you can make custom sublimation patches), such as landmarks from your travels, symbols of special events, or representative patterns, and seamlessly incorporate them into the album layout. Thoughtfully arrange each patch to complement the photos, creating a creative and personalized visual narrative. Through this approach, your album transcends being a mere collection of photographs, transforming into a piece of art filled with memories, stories, and unique style.

10. Making Patched Accessories

Accessories not only serve as the finishing touch in fashion combinations but also play a crucial role in expressing individuality, taste, and confidence. Integrating patches into our daily accessory choices showcases a distinctive personal taste.

  • Sneakers: Customize your sneakers into a unique and trendy pair by attaching embroidered patches iron on onto the sides or heels, adding a touch of personalization to plain shoes.
  • Handbags: Enhance the style of your handbags by embellishing them with patches that resonate with your personal taste. Whether opting for a single large patch on a tote bag or a playful assortment of smaller patches, you can achieve a look that is both unique and eclectic.
  • Hats and beanies: Upgrade your headwear by adding patches to the front, back, or sides, allowing you to make a distinctive statement with your hats or caps.
  • Belts: Customize your belt by incorporating patches onto the straps. This not only complements your attire but also highlights your individuality through a personalized and unique accessory.
  • Wallets and cardholders: Infuse personality into your wallets and cardholders by adding patches that align with your interests or hobbies. This not only enhances their functionality but also transforms them into stylish accessories.
  • Phone cases:Add a personal touch to your phone case by decorating it with patches that mirror your personality, transforming your phone into a stylish accessory.


In this article we talked about the topic of ” how to display patches” and we listed 10 popular patch display ideas in 2023. 

  1. Making A Patched Mask;
  2. Put Patches on to Cloth Book;
  3. Creating Patch Fridge Magnets;
  4. Making Patched Hats and Caps;
  5. Sewing or Ironing Patches onto Clothing;
  6. Put Patches on Tote Bags/Backpacks;
  7. Personalizing Home Decorations;
  8. Framing Your Patches;
  9. Making A Patched Photo Album;
  10. Making Patched Accessories


If you have a new idea that is not listed in this article, please leave a comment below.

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