Gluing Patches To Fabric

Gluing Patches To Fabric (5 Steps)

Embroidery patches have long been a splendid means of expressing individuality and taste. However, how to attach patches is a problem for the ones who have embroidered patches in hand.

Nowadays, we are no longer confined to traditional sewing methods. Glue, especially fabric glue tailored for textiles, is gradually emerging as a unique and efficient method for securely attaching embroidered patches without sewing. 

This article will delve into how to glue patches on fabric.

Let’s begin:

gluing patches on fabric

1. Preparing The Materials

Firstly, ensure you have all the necessary materials, including embroidered patches, fabric, and fabric glue designed for this purpose.

*Make sure the fabric you choose is suitable for gluing. Most fabrics work well, but some special materials may require specific treatment.

2. Clean the Fabric

Before attaching the patches, ensure the fabric surface is clean and flat. Dust, oil stains, or other impurities can affect the adhesive strength of the glue. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe the fabric surface.

3.Select The Location of Patches

Before gluing on patches, arrange the embroidered patches on the fabric to determine their optimal positions. You can use photos or drawings to assist in ensuring neat and symmetrical placement.

4.Apply Glue And Press The Patches

Use fabric glue designed for this purpose and evenly apply a thin layer along the edges of the embroidered patches. Ensure the glue covers the entire edge of the patches for a secure attachment.

Press the embroidered patches onto the fabric, ensuring full contact with the fabric surface and correct positioning. Use your fingers to press the patches, ensuring the glue adheres thoroughly and gently.

*Follow the glue’s usage guidelines instructions and allow the embroidered patches to be set for the recommended time. This time is typically short, but make sure not to move the fabric before the patches are securely attached.

5.Refine Details

After the patches are completely affixed, you can make additional refinements as needed, such as outlining the edges with fine thread to enhance the overall aesthetics.

By these 5 simple steps, you will successfully gluing the patches to fabric.

If you have further questions or have a better way gluing the patches, please feel free to leave a comment below:)

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