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felt patches

Felt Patches

Get a classic look with custom felt patches! At, no matter whether you want to make a simple design( like letters and numbers); or a high-end detailed brand logo or cartoon anime logo, we can make them come true.


With a decade of experience, we specialize in crafting custom embroidered patches and iron on patches that make your team stand out. Trust us to bring your vision to life with a uniquely tailored design.

All Pricing For Our Flet Patches Include:

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  • No Setup Fee
  • Order Online
  • Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction
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Sample Felt Patch

felt patch
cute felt patches
felt patches
flet patches
embroidered felt patches
animal felt patch


What is a felt patch?

A felt patch refers to a piece of fabric badge made of felt that is used to repair or cover a hole, tear, or damage in another material. Felt is a textile material that is produced by matting, condensing, and pressing fibers together. It is known for its soft and fuzzy texture. Felt patches are often employed in various crafting, sewing, or DIY projects to mend items such as clothing, bags, or accessories.

Does felt make a good patch?

Yes, the felt fabric is thick which can add texture and depth to a simple design. Also, the felt fabric patch edge will not fray like other fabric, so there is no need for special edge finishing in manufacturing, and saves cost.

What are the disadvantages of felt?

  1. Not Waterproof: Felt is typically not a waterproof material, making it prone to absorbing moisture in humid environments. This can result in the felt becoming heavy and difficult to dry.

  2. Prone to Wear: Felt is a relatively soft material and is susceptible to wear and tear. In high-wear areas, such as shoe soles or frequently touched surfaces, felt may not be the most ideal choice.

  3. Not Heat Resistant: Felt is generally not resistant to high temperatures and can deform or melt. Therefore, caution is needed when using it in high-temperature environments.

  4. Limited Strength: The strength of felt is comparatively low, not matching some other materials like leather or nylon. Hence, it may not be suitable for applications that require higher strength.

Our Happy Clients

our happy clients

Very well made, has great velcro, and has very vibrant colors.

These morale patches that I own are more than just accessories to me. I love the intricate designs and the attention to detail that is put into each one. They have a way of perfectly capturing and embodying my personality, making them feel like a true extension of myself.

Very easy to deal with and product quality is amazing! very happy and will be purchasing again 100%

product was made to specifications. no issues great communication with sales rep.

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