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custom scout patches

Custom Scout Patches

Wear Your Adventure! Create a personalized and unique badge that showcases your scouting journey. Crafted to your specifications, our custom scout patches are a symbol of your achievements, making every outing and accomplishment uniquely yours. Stand out with pride and let your patch tell the story of your scouting adventures!

GET YOUR CUSTOM SCOUT PATCHES! has provided millions of custom Boy Scout patches throughout the world for more than one decade. We hope to offer you the highest quality scout patches at the lowest price anywhere!

What is A Scout Patch?

A “Scout patch” is a symbol used by scouts, who actively participate in outdoor adventures, learn valuable skills, and contribute to their communities.

Scout patches, adorned with different designs and colors, serve to identify and reward scouts for their efforts and achievements in a variety of activities, tasks, and training sessions. These patches go beyond being mere decorations; they symbolize honor, representing a scout’s dedication to survival skills, teamwork, and community service. Each patch tells a unique story, documenting the scout’s growth and adventures within the scouting movement.

By wearing these personalized and custom scout patches, scouts can showcase their individuality and highlight the diverse accomplishments they’ve achieved throughout their scouting journey.


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Why Custom Scout Patches?

  1. Personalized Showcase: Custom patches highlight the unique personality and achievements of scouts. Each patch can be designed based on a scout’s experiences, skills, and interests, allowing them to stand out within the group.

  2. Inspiring Achievement: Custom patches serve as recognition for a scout’s accomplishments and participation in activities. Wearing these patches can inspire a sense of achievement, encouraging scouts to continue engaging in scouting activities.

  3. Team Cohesion: Custom patches can be a vital element in team building and cohesion. Through a shared emblem, team members feel a sense of belonging, reinforcing collaboration and unity.

  4. Commemorating Special Moments: Custom patches can be used to commemorate specific scouting events, camping experiences, or significant milestones. These patches become lasting memories of unique moments.

  5. Igniting Passion: Custom patches can ignite enthusiasm for scouting activities, motivating scouts to participate more actively and approach future adventures with anticipation.

Custom Scout Patches Made With Love And Care

As a custom patch maker since 2013, has always been proud of our custom patch quality.

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Oder Custom Scout Patches With Ease

To get started, all you need to do is fill out our no-obligation free quote form here on our website. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by email at

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Step 1: Choose Your Patch Style

Choose a style from our great selection. We have one that’s perfect for every need and budget!

Step 2: Choose The Effect You Want

The system will automatically calculate the price.

Step 3: Upload Your Art

Any version of the artwork is accepted: ai, pdf, png, jpg, psd…

Step 4: Wait For Your Custom Patches

We will send you a mockup or a physical sample for your approval, then make as many tweaks as it takes until you’re 100% satisfied.

We’ll send your order to your doorstep with free tracked shipping when your order is over $40. What you need to do is enjoy your gorgeous custom products! 

Every Custom Scout Patch is backed by our Outstanding Customer Service and 100% Quality Guarantee

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Scouting Patches Collection Display Ideas

  1. Wall Display: Hang the patches on the wall, organized by specific themes, colors, or activities to create an orderly presentation.

  2. Glass Cabinet: Use a glass cabinet to neatly showcase the patches. The transparent cabinet protects the patches while displaying an overall aesthetic.

  3. Themed Frames: Place patches within themed frames, such as a tree-shaped frame or a map frame, highlighting the connection between the patches and specific scenes or activities.

  4. Canvas Display: Arrange patches on a canvas, creating an artistic display. This method allows for easy updates and adjustments.

  5. Decorative Shelves: Use decorative shelves with dividers to arrange the patches. Choose shelves of different colors or shapes to enhance the overall display.

  6. Activity Map: Mark the locations of scouting activities on a map and place the corresponding patches at the respective positions, showcasing the connection between the patches and activities.

  7. Vintage Uniform Display: If there are old scout uniforms, attach the patches to them, displaying the journey of scouting from the past.

  8. Patch Frames: Place specific patches in frames to highlight and showcase them. These frames can be hung on the wall or placed on a tabletop.

Want to see it in detail? Please click here to check our blog ” Patches Display Ideas” 

Where Is The Correct Placement For Custom Girl Scout Patches?

  1. Insignia and Level Patches: Insignia and level patches for Girl Scouts are typically placed on the front of the uniform, such as the center or the right side. Level patches may vary based on the Girl Scout’s specific level.

  2. Council Identification Set (CIS): The Council Identification Set is usually placed near the left sleeve cuff. These identifiers represent the Girl Scout’s council or region.

  3. Theme Patches: For patches related to specific theme activities or achievements, they are often placed in designated areas on the uniform corresponding to the theme.

Can I Iron On Boy Scout Patches?

Yes, you can use the iron-on method to attach Boy Scout patches to the uniform. Using the iron-on method is a relatively straightforward way that eliminates the need for sewing, suitable for simple patches like logos or rank insignias.

Before using the iron-on method, make sure to carefully read the instructions on the iron on patch to ensure ironing at the correct temperature and duration for secure adhesion. In general, ironing is a convenient and effective method, but for more complex or special requirement patches, sewing may still be necessary to ensure a more secure attachment.

Our Happy Clients

our happy clients

Very well made, has great velcro, and has very vibrant colors.

These morale patches that I own are more than just accessories to me. I love the intricate designs and the attention to detail that is put into each one. They have a way of perfectly capturing and embodying my personality, making them feel like a true extension of myself.

Very easy to deal with and product quality is amazing! very happy and will be purchasing again 100%

product was made to specifications. no issues great communication with sales rep.

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