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custom name patches

Custom Name Patches

Custom name patches are great ways to show your business or personal names to make people more impressed about who you are. Let’s help to make your name patches.


Our custom embroidered name patches can be customized to any shape or size to be used for uniforms, work shirts, coats, jackets, and club outfits.

Why Choose to Custom Name Patch?

As a custom patch maker, we have custom embroidered patches since 2013. These are the services you can get with your personalized name patches:

  • Any Shape or Size
  • 100% Embroidered Logo
  • Any Font and Lettering
  • Any Border Color and Type
  • Any Background material and Name Logo

What Is The Most Popular Name Patch Type?

The most classic custom name patch style: Embroidering your name or logo onto a special polyester twill fabric with an overlocked merrowed border.

For the back, whether you prefer sewing it on for a super secure fit or ironing it on for a quick fix, it’s up to you. This flexibility means you can use it on all kinds of clothes for any occasion.

Our Custom Name Patches Are Affortable

Work with, you can get high-quality embroidered name badges within your budget no matter how big and how many you want.

No Setup Fee! No Minimum Order Requirement!


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How To Iron On Name Patches On Cloth?

Ironing on a name patch to cloth is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Name patch
  2. Garment you want to attach the patch to
  3. Household iron
  4. Ironing board or a flat, heat-resistant surface
  5. Parchment paper or thin cotton cloth (optional)


  1. Preheat Your Iron:

    • Set your iron to the appropriate temperature for the fabric of the garment. Check the care instructions on the garment or the name patch. Most patches can be applied using a medium-high heat setting.
  2. Prepare the Garment:

    • Ensure the garment is clean and dry.
    • Lay the garment flat on the ironing board or another flat, heat-resistant surface.
  3. Position the Name Patch:

    • Place the name patch on the desired location on the garment. Double-check to make sure it’s straight and centered.
  4. Cover the Patch (Optional):

    • For added protection, you can place a piece of parchment paper or a thin cotton cloth over the name patch. This prevents the iron from directly touching the patch, especially if it has delicate details.
  5. Apply Heat:

    • Press the preheated iron firmly on the patch for about 10-15 seconds. Apply consistent pressure and move the iron around to cover the entire patch.
  6. Check Adhesion:

    • Lift a corner of the patch to check if it’s sticking. If not, apply more heat as needed.
  7. Cool Down:

    • Allow the garment to cool completely before moving it. This ensures that the adhesive on the back of the patch sets properly.
  8. Test the Adhesion:

    • After cooling, gently tug at the patch to ensure it’s securely attached. If any edges are lifting, repeat the ironing process.
  9. Final Steps:

    • Once the patch is securely attached, you can turn the garment inside out and repeat the ironing process from the inside. This reinforces the adhesion.

How To Apply Name Patches With Velcro?

Using custom name velcro patches provides flexibility, allowing you to easily replace or move them to other garments without an iron. This makes them an ideal choice for situations where flexibility is required.

Here are the steps:

Materials Needed:

  1. Velcro-backed name patch
  2. Garment
  3. Needle and thread or a sewing machine


  1. Preparation:

    • Ensure the garment is clean and dry.
  2. Identify Velcro Placement:

    • Velcro typically consists of two parts: one part sewn onto the garment, and the other part sewn onto the name patch.
  3. Sew One Part of Velcro:

    • Use a needle and thread or a sewing machine to sew one part of the Velcro onto the garment. Ensure the stitching is secure to firmly attach the Velcro.
  4. Attach the Other Part of Velcro:

    • Make sure the other part of Velcro is securely sewn onto the back of the name patch. Usually, one side of Velcro has soft loops, and the other side has embroidered hooks.
  5. Align Both Parts of Velcro:

    • Align the name patch with the Velcro part sewn onto the garment, ensuring accurate placement.
  6. Press the Velcro Together:

    • Gently press the name patch with your fingers, ensuring both parts of Velcro securely adhere.
  7. Test Adhesion:

    • Pull on the name patch to ensure the Velcro holds securely.
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Oder Custom Name Patches With Ease

To get started, all you need to do is fill out our no-obligation free quote form here on our website. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by email at

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Step 1: Choose Your Patch Style

Choose a style from our great selection. We have one that’s perfect for every need and budget!

Step 2: Choose The Effect You Want

The system will automatically calculate the price.

Step 3: Upload Your Art

Any version of the artwork is accepted: ai, pdf, png, jpg, psd…

Step 4: Wait For Your Custom Patches

We will send you a mockup or a physical sample for your approval, then make as many tweaks as it takes until you’re 100% satisfied.

We’ll send your order to your doorstep with free tracked shipping when your order is over $40. What you need to do is enjoy your gorgeous custom products! 

Our Happy Clients

our happy clients

Very well made, has great velcro, and has very vibrant colors.

These morale patches that I own are more than just accessories to me. I love the intricate designs and the attention to detail that is put into each one. They have a way of perfectly capturing and embodying my personality, making them feel like a true extension of myself.

Very easy to deal with and product quality is amazing! very happy and will be purchasing again 100%

product was made to specifications. no issues great communication with sales rep.

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