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All samples ship with random designs to help you evaluate the decorated product.


Leather patches are often sewn onto jeans, jackets, and other garments for both decorative and functional purposes. They can cover holes, reinforce worn areas, or serve as branding labels.

custom leather patch for hats

custom leather patches can be added to hats, bags, backpacks, and shoes, providing a unique, stylish touch or reinforcing high-wear areas.

Leather patches can repair or embellish furniture items like sofas, chairs, and cushions, giving them a new look or extending their lifespan.

leather custom patches

Leather patches are popular in various crafts, including creating personalized items, scrapbooking, or adding unique touches to handmade goods.

Leather patches are commonly found on motorcycle jackets and vests, often displaying club logos or personal insignia.

Leather patches can be used to create or repair book covers, adding a sophisticated look or enhancing durability.

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custom embossed leather patches

Step 1: Choose The Custom Patch Effect You Want

You’ll need to complete our free quote form step by step. No idea about it? Please WhatsApp us for help.

Step 2: Upload Your Art

Any version of the artwork is accepted: ai, pdf, png, jpg, psd…

Step 3: Wait For Your Custom Patches

  • Within 48 hours of your order, our sales team will contact you with drafts and designs for your approval, making as many tweaks as it takes until you’re 100% satisfied.
  • After you confirm it, we will move to production, 7-15 days
  • Before shipping, our sales will send you picture of the patch for check
  • Shipping: around 10 days

$0.01 USD for patch sample pack with $11 shipping.

All samples ship with random designs to help you evaluate the decorated product.


1. How To Measure Patch Size?

Patches are measured using these guidelines:

Patches are measured as follows:

Measure the height and width. The longer dimension is the patch size.

Prices are based on this longest dimension.


2. Fabrication Options for Custom Leather Patches

* Base Materials

black real leather

Real Leather / Genuine Leather:

100% genuine split leather.

grey faux leather

Faux Leather:

Our most popular leather patch option. A plastic, dyeable vegan leather alternative.

faux suede leather

Faux Suede:

A synthetic, dyeable microfiber vegan suede alternative.

* Patch Backing

Wanna dig dipper in custom patch backing? Please click here to learn more.

Iron On Back:

  • Appearance: flat, smooth, and shiny
  • Application: ① Set your heat press machine to 320-356 ℉. ② Place your patch on your garment in the desired location. ③ Cover your patch with wax paper to protect it from the heat. ④ With 40 PSI foam under your garment, apply pressure for about 25 seconds with 2kg pressure.
leather patch hook and loop velcro backing

Velcro Back:

  • Appearance: two parts- one is a soft, fuzzy surface, and the other is a strip with small hooks.
  • Application: ① Sew the loop side onto the fabric using a sewing machine or hand-stitching. ② Press the patch with the hook side onto the loop, and the hooks and loops will quickly stick, forming a reliable connection.
leather patch safety pin back

Pin Back:

  • Appearance: a small pin attached to the back
  • Application: insert the pin into the fabric or material where you want it.
Leather Patches-Standard sew on Backing

Sew On Back:

  • Appearance: show as twill fabric with thread at the backside of the patch
  • Application: ① Choose the patch placement. ② Use a fine needle to secure the patch by stitching through the fabric and its bottom. Stitch along the edges for even stitches. ③ Pull the needle out, tie a knot at the bottom, ensuring a secure attachment.
adhesive leather patch backing

Peel and Stick Back:

  • Appearance: show as a paper with an attached surface on the back
  • Application: Place the peel and stick patch on the fabric or clothing, press gently, and the adhesive back will securely stick.

* Patch Logo Method

Debossed leather patch logo

Debossed Logo:

In contrast to embossing, the debossed technique involves pressing the design into the leather surface, creating a recessed effect that is below the surface. This process embeds the pattern or text into the leather, giving it a subtle texture and elegant appearance. Debossed designs are often used for logos and details that require a refined expression, making them appear sophisticated and timeless.

Embossed leather patch logo

Embossed Logo:

The embossed technique creates raised patterns or text on the surface of the leather through heat and pressure. This process makes the design stand out above the surrounding surface, creating a three-dimensional look and feel. Embossed leather patches offer a unique visual and tactile experience, highlighting the intricacy and premium quality of the design. It is commonly used for brand logos and decorative elements to make them more noticeable.

Imprinted leather patch logo

Imprinted Logo:

The imprint technique involves printing patterns or text on the leather surface, creating a flat visual effect. Imprints can use a variety of colors and complex designs, offering a high level of customization options. Compared to embossing and debossing, imprints have a smooth surface, but the variety of colors and patterns make them visually striking. This method is suitable for scenarios where vibrant colors and intricate designs are needed.

* Outline

leather patch without outline

Without Outline

leather patch with debossed outline

With Outline:

Sometimes the outline can help as stitching guidelines.

3. How To Use Custom Leather Patches On Different Materials?

For Denim Material:

Denim material can be used with any of our backings, including iron-on backing.


For Cotton Material:

Cotton is a type of commonly used materials. It is used to make types of clothes


For Leather Material:

Leather material better use sew on back patches.


For Nylon, Polyester, and Spandex:

Iron-on backing is not advisable due to the poor heat resistance of nylon, polyester, and spandex.

4. How To Attach A Leather Patch To Hat?

  • Method 1: Sewing
  • Method 2: Iron-On Adhesive
  • Method 3: Fabric Glue
  • Method 4: Velcro Fasteners

Want to see the instructions in detail? You can click here to learn more.


Custom Embroidered Patches No Minimum and Custom Patches Lowest Price Guarantee

Super Quality

  • Thick and clear stitching with vivid colors, show concise details
  • Full line customization of embroidery patches nearly with any size, shape, and color you could imagine.
  • 100% machine washable, skincare materials.

Order Includes

  • Free artwork and design with unlimited revisions
  • Free shipping globally over $40
  • Professional 1vs1 custom support service

Talent Designer

  • Fast production-ready to ship in 15 days or less
  • The utilization of computerized embroidery machinery ensures precise accuracy
  • The finest fade-resistant polyester color threads


Video Tips

Short, fun clips showing, tricks, and shortcuts.

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Play Video about leather hat patches custom

A leather patch is a piece of leather used as a decorative or functional element in various applications, such as clothing, accessories, or other products.

There is no MOQ setting for our premade patches, you can buy any order quantity you need. For our custom patches, moq is 10 pcs.

We provide artwork for you of your patches within 48-hours.

Custom patches cost including different embroidery coverage,  backing , border and etc. pls use our Automated Quotation System to get free quote of patches. and you can send an inquiry to our sales. we will always help you!

For our premade patches, we can ship out them within 7 days; for our custom patches normally 10-15 days as leadtime.

We can make your patch with any shape that you want to. 

For custom patches, we also ways match color by panton color book. If you want the precise color, please offer us the color code of each color.

Where to get custom patches? Many customers will have this questions. we provide a high quality look with lowest factory direct price patches. is the right place, we offer free quotation and artwork, even free shipping globally when orders over $40.

Sure, We provide different backing for your choice, such as Iron on backing, Velco backing, Pin backing and more.

JPEG, PNG or PDF with high quality better. but mostly all kinds of file formats are acceptable also. 

Pls, don’t worry! We will offer proof before making the bulk production.

Of course! Our designers can turn any design into a patch. pls noticed required with more details in order to ensure the design more perfect.