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“P.B. Patch” is an abbreviation derived from the initials of “Professional Collaboration in Patchwork”. As a more than 11-year experienced manufacturer of custom embroidered and iron-on patches, our mission is to deliver your design concepts and your story through high-quality and cost-effective custom patch for any purposes. Whether it’s for sports teams, businesses, military units, law enforcement agencies, motorcycle clubs, special events, outdoor adventures, scouting groups, or martial arts enthusiasts—no matter the purpose, we design and produce it.

We have been focusing on patch production since 2013, setting us apart from others. We are more than a manufacturer, we are also your patch friend. Share your ideas with us, we help to make them in reality.

Our Products

custom embroidery patches

Custom Embroidery Patches

Our Best Seller! No Minimum! Crafted with a fabric backing and textured threadwork, these iconic embroidered patches have remained best-sellers for good reason. These custom embroidered patches with 3D effect logo look and feel high-quality and can support designs with 9+ colors.

Recommended for:

  1. Military Organizations
  2. Motorcycle/ Biker Clubs
  3. Scout Troops
  4. Fashion Brands
  5. Law Enforcement
  6. Fire Departments
Custom PVC Patches

Custom PVC Patches

When exceptional durability is your priority. Crafted from high-quality polyvinyl chloride that feels like rubber, our customized PVC patches are known as waterproof and weather-resistant, and suitable for outdoor sports events and activities.

Recommended for:

  1. Aquatic Brands
  2. Airsoft / Wildness Clubs
  3. Military Organizations
  4. Outdoor/ Athleisure Brands
  5. Corporate Swag

We Custom Patches for Every Purpose

Custom Patches are versatile and serve numerous purposes. Whether you want to improve your branding, customize your uniforms, commemorate a special event, or make souvenirs for your events and activities, our custom patches are the perfect solution. At, we are good at making your idea into reality.

Team and Organization Identification

Custom Patches are often used to represent different teams, organizations, and institutions. This includes sports teams, military units, police departments, schools, clubs, etc., to display identity and team affiliation.

Brand Promotion

Businesses can use custom patches to showcase brand logos, emblems, and slogans. This helps increase brand awareness and enhances brand recognition.

Personalized Decoration

Individuals can use patches to personalize clothing, bags, backpacks, and other items. It’s a way to display interests, hobbies, and style.

Medals and Badges

Patches are commonly used as symbols of awards and recognition, such as medals in sports competitions or academic achievement badges.

Souvenirs and Gifts

Custom patches can be made into souvenirs for events like weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations, or used as gifts for family and friends.

Outdoor Sports and Adventures

Climbing teams, camping groups, and other outdoor adventurers use patches to identify their equipment and teams.

Every Custom Patch is backed by our Outstanding Customer Service and 100% Quality Guarantee

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Why Choose is proud of being self-produced and self-sold, ensuring cost and quality control from manufacturing to marketing. There is no middleman and no middle spreads between us, so you can get top-quality patches with low ex-factory prices.

custom chenille patches near me

Low Ex-factory Price for Plenty of Customization Options

Behind, we have a passionate team of patch enthusiasts. We have a deep and abiding love for patches and the art of crafting them. This passion has driven us to aspire to help more aspiring patch creators achieve their dreams, all while keeping the cost low. Since 2003, we’ve been on a continuous journey of growth, investing in more production equipment and attracting more individuals who share our patch-making dream to join our team. Together, we tirelessly explore ways to create higher-quality patches with fewer resources, infusing every step of the process with creativity and enthusiasm. Our commitment is to make patch-making easier and more cost-effective, catering to the needs of all patch enthusiasts, whether you’re a solo artist or a commercial brand. We eagerly look forward to assisting you in realizing your patch-making aspirations.


custom patch maker

10-14 Days Turnaround Time to Get Your Ideal Custom Patches

Behind every intricate custom patch lies a closely-knit department. After more than a decade of refinement, we’ve established the most efficient production process to ensure our customers can receive their desired patches as swiftly as possible. Once we receive your design, our designers will create vector drafts for your approval. After confirming the drafts, we initiate production, followed by rigorous quality control and meticulous packaging. Additionally, we’ll send you photos before shipping to confirm everything is in order.


The close collaboration within our team ensures that you not only receive your custom patches within 10-14 days but also makes the entire process exceptionally smooth and effortless for you.

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Simple Production Process boasts a team of experienced designers with over 5 years of expertise, dedicated to bringing your creative ideas to life. Whether you provide a logo image, a physical photograph, or a vector sketch, our designers can have a digital proof for your approval within 2 days. We support various file formats, such as JPG, PDF, PSD, PNG, and AI. Here at our company, creating patches is akin to a creative whirlwind. Let’s work together to craft a new patch!

Over the past decade and more, we’ve been tirelessly dedicated to crafting a multitude of custom patches for numerous clients. Our range of patches is diverse, spanning from military insignias to uniform identifiers, and even commemorative patches for outdoor activities. Our clientele varies in size, from individual buyers and emerging brands to small businesses and rapidly evolving e-commerce ventures. As a result, choosing to collaborate with us ensures you both convenience and confidence in meeting a wide array of requirements.

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